Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley Tai Chi Classes in Berkeley, Oakland and Emeryville

Tai Chi Chuan

is known for its many health benefits for both

body and mind

and promotes an overall sense of well-being, vitality and inner calm. The gentle flowing movements of

Tai Chi

encourage the body to let go of any stress or tensions: balance and flexibility improves, joints/ligaments and muscles are strengthened, blood circulates more freely and the mind and spirit become clear and full.

Andreas has studied

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

in the Plum Blossom International Federation (founded by Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong) where he also took part in

martial arts

tournaments, placing in medaling positions. He studied

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

with Master David Bao (8th Duan Wei and former 2006 World Tai Chi Champion).

Teaching Yang Style as well as Chen Style Tai Chi makes us one of the very few schools in the Bay Area that offer classes in both styles and gives our students the opportunity to experience and appreciate the depth, beauty and principles of the art from two different perspectives. Our Yang & Chen Style Tai Chi curriculum includes both hand and weapons forms - from beginner to advanced levels - from the 108 Long form, the crown jewel of the Yang Style to the very traditional Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame First Routine), the oldest of the Chen Style forms.


What are the main differences between Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi?

The Yang Style is characterized by evenly paced, soft flowing expansive movements which are almost 'zen-like' distilled in their postures and transitions. The martial arts applications are implied much more subtly than for example in the Chen style. The feeling of a gently flowing energy (chi) and a mind/body connection that is focused on/connecting with only the present moment can be experienced throughout the form. The lesser physical requirements of Yang style Tai Chi make it suitable to a wider audience in regards to fitness level as well as age range.

The Chen Style is the oldest and founding style of all other styles of Tai Chi and therefore displays the roots of being a martial art much more prominently. The Chen Style has a high dynamic between slow/soft and fast/hard movements and is characterized by pronounced coiling & spiraling movements (silk reeling) with bursts of explosive releases of energy/power (fa-jin). The feeling of moving energy (chi), of "connecting and sticking" is felt quite strongly and cultivates a unity and harmony of body & mind - be it in the gentlest of wrist spirals or the powerful release of a fist punch.

No matter which style you initially choose to learn - Chen as well as Yang style Tai Chi so beautifully combine focus, intent and connectedness of body, mind and spirit into a holistic experience and you will learn to go from an experience of simple "doing" to one of deeply-felt "being".

Andreas has the special capacity to teach the preciseness, purity and beauty of movement and at the same time to transfer the experience of flow and a feeling of connectedness of body and mind to his students.

Learning Tai Chi Chuan

therefore not only becomes a physical exercise but also a deeply spiritual art form and experience that equally involves and stimulates the heart, mind and spirit. All classes are taught by Andreas himself to ensure a consistent and dedicated learning experience as well as providing direct access to his unique skill set and knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan.


Tai Chi Classes at Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley are taught in a very open, friendly, non-competitive atmosphere with special attention given to learning the underlying principles of Tai Chi Chuan through a systematic approach to stance, posture and forms training while also giving insights into martial arts applications. This gives students a very effective and strong foundation for their

Tai Chi practice

and translates into a rich, rewarding and in-depth experience of this powerful and beautiful centuries-old martial art.


The integration of

Tai Chi forms

and Qigong exercises into the class schedule also helps students appreciate and experience the meditative aspects of Tai Chi Chuan very early in their practice.


Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley sees as its first and foremost mission to teach the Art of Tai Chi Chuan with an open heart and mind in a dedicated, focused, respectful and peaceful class setting and learning environment.


Our Tai Chi curriculum follows the very pure, traditional & authentic way by which Tai Chi Chuan has been passed down by Tai Chi masters for generations. We strive for quality Tai Chi instruction that motivates and inspires and that continuously sparks the students' love & enthusiasm for learning Tai Chi Chuan. Whether you are a True Tai Chi Beginner, Experienced Tai Chi Practitioner, External Martial Artist or somewhere in between - we hope to be able to welcome you in one of our classes soon and share with you the Beauty of the Art of Tai Chi Chuan.

"To practice five things under all circumstances
constitutes perfect virtue; these are gravity, generosity of soul,
sincerity, earnestness, and kindness."- Confucius

* Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley's logo: Dragons in Chinese culture have a positive connotation and represent power, excellence, and striving for goals and high values, as well as being a benevolent force which radiates goodwill, good luck, and blessings. The color red is associated with luck and happiness.

We chose the bamboo as our representing visual since it so beautifully visualizes the spirit of Tai Chi Chuan - displaying great intrinsic elegance and beauty while at the same time combining incredible core strength with spring-like energy and flexibility.