Yang Style 24 Beginner Form (Online Class via Zoom)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are unfortunately currently unable to hold in-person classes but will be offering select remote online classes via Zoom (Online Video Conferencing Platform). If you are interested in remote class options in the Yang Style 24 Short Form, please fill out the no-obligation pre-registration form below so that we can keep you updated on final class dates/times.

This online class will introduce the beautiful Yang Style 24 Short Form which is one of the most widely practiced Tai Chi forms around the world as well as the 8-Brocade Qigong Set (also known as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or 8 Jewels) and Warm-up/Stretching Exercises.

Tai Chi students practicing in front of a temple in China.

Tai Chi Impressions: Tai Chi students practicing in front of a temple in China.

The Yang style is characterized by evenly paced, soft flowing movements which are almost 'zen-like' distilled in their postures and transitions - while also offering a myriad of delicate intricacies within the execution of each move, transition or stance. The gentle physical requirements of Yang style Tai Chi make it suitable to a wide audience in regards to physical requirements as well as age range.

The 8-Brocade Qigong Set is one of the most commonly practiced forms of Qigong around the world. Qigong is a centuries-old Chinese health/exercise regimen that tries to harmonizes body, mind and spirit and cultivates, enhances, and guides vital internal energies to achieve health, vitality, and spiritual awareness.


Online Group Classes
$100 monthly tuition (4 or 5 classes per month depending on the month, class once a week). A first trial class will be offered at $10. Sorry, no single drop-in class fees.

Online Private Sessions
$100 per hour or $50 for 30 minutes.

Payment Options
Zelle or Venmo offer instant & convenient online payments. All tuition fees are payable before your first class and are non-refundable except when classes are cancelled from the instructor's side.


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