Beginner to Advanced Tai Chi Classes

Our Beginner to Advanced Tai Chi classes strive to engage each person on a person level and students so beautifully and generously share their passion and enjoyment for their Tai Chi practice with all of their fellow students which makes the learning environment a very welcoming and enjoyable one.

Tai Chi Classes Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville

There is no uniform requirement for Beginner classes. Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and flat/flexible sole shoes (and a smile!) are recommended. Please see our Tai Chi Curriculum for a complete list of class offerings. Questions? Hopefully we answered them on our FAQ page.

> What is the main difference between Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi?

The Yang Style is characterized by evenly paced, soft flowing expansive movements which are almost 'zen-like' distilled in their postures and transitions. The martial arts applications are implied much more subtly than for example in the Chen style. The feeling of a gently flowing energy (chi) and a mind/body connection that is focused on/connecting with only the present moment can be experienced throughout the form. The lesser physical requirements of Yang style Tai Chi make it suitable to a wider audience in regards to fitness level as well as age range.

The Chen Style is the oldest and founding style of all other styles of Tai Chi and therefore displays the roots of being a martial art much more prominently. The Chen Style has a high dynamic between slow/soft and fast/hard movements and is characterized by pronounced coiling & spiraling movements (silk reeling) with bursts of explosive releases of energy/power (fa-jin). The feeling of moving energy (chi), of "connecting and sticking" is felt quite strongly and cultivates a unity and harmony of body & mind - be it in the gentlest of wrist spirals or the powerful release of a fist punch.

No matter which style you initially choose to learn - Chen as well as Yang style Tai Chi so beautifully combine focus, intent and connectedness of body, mind and spirit into a holistic experience and you will learn to go from an experience of simple "doing" to one of deeply-felt "being".

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unfortunately currently unable to hold in-person classes but are offering remote online classes via Zoom. If you are interested, please pre-register for one of the offered online Zoom classes listed on this page at the top of the right sidebar.