We like to share with you a few reviews from our Tai Chi students below.
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Pei Pei T.
Emeryville, CA

I've been taking classes with Andreas for almost a year (11 months as of the end of April 2016) and have managed to complete the 24 form and 40 form (with a lot more work needed on the 40). It took awhile, but I REALLY enjoy learning taichi from Andreas. He is so gentle, generous, and nice, and frankly, many times during the first 3-4 months I dragged myself to class because I did not want to disappoint him by being a no-show.

I have also done private lessons with Andreas (a high recommendation) and shared private lessons (with one other person, an even higher recommendation!), along with group classes. Sprinkle a few private lessons among your group classes and watch yourself get deeper into the practice quickly.

Having lived in Taiwan for 9 years, nobody has to sell me on the benefits of taichi as I've heard it almost all my life. To be able to immerse oneself in a practice of moving meditation is such a gift. If you're wondering whether taichi is for you, give Andreas's classes a try! And stick to it even if you're struggling initially and it doesn't seem to be all that much fun. Give it at least six months before you decide not to continue (that is, IF you decide it's not for you).

I feel that if you're checking out these reviews, something about taichi intrigues you, and you ought to give yourself the opportunity to explore it with Andreas. You won't regret it.

Leticia M.
Oakland, CA

I had come across Tai Chi and its benefits many times. In my mindfulness class meditation we practiced Qigong. I had kept Tai Chi in the back of my head for many months. Eventually, I decided to take classes to learn the art and form of Tai Chi and achieve some of its benefits.

I started taking classes at Tai Chi Chuan in Berkeley with Andreas over four months ago. I fell in love with Tai Chi almost immediately. It was like meditation in motion. The graceful and effortless movements (not mine, but Andreas') opened up a new challenge for me.

After taking Andreas' class for over four months, I can feel and see the benefits in my life:

  • My awareness has improved
  • Anxiety is "relaxing"
  • My body is getting stronger
  • Tai Chi has complemented and enhanced my mindfulness meditation
  • I feel sharper and smarter
  • After practicing Tai Chi, I get a "Runner's high". I am an ex-marathon runner, and I feel that sudden euphoric feeling that I experienced during my long runs. Tai Chi makes me happy.

Andreas is an exceptional teacher. His dedication to his students and humble demeanor makes you feel very comfortable, even when you turn right instead of left or you move your right hand instead of your left foot. He does not rush through his class and spends the time to teach each student in a very personal and professional way.

I highly recommend Andreas. I actually, I urge every reader to give Tai Chi and Andreas a chance. For those that are looking to shed stress and acquire awareness, peace and happiness, Tai Chi is the way to go.

Stuart G.
Oakland, CA

I wanted to share my experience taking classes with Andreas, who is the instructor for Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in Berkeley. I've been taking classes with him for a little over a year now and plan to continue doing so.

My original intent was to find a martial art which aligned both the 'inner' and 'outer,' so to speak. I had some previous experience with other martial arts, but this time I was seeking an art form that didn't just focus on self-defense or simply repeating move sets to achieve the next colored belt. I was looking for a genuine form which had a meditative aspect while simultaneously teaching the martial art. My experience in taking Tai Chi with Andreas has been exactly that.

Andreas is a kind and patient man who displays a deep understanding of the art form. He does not rush on getting through the movements quickly, but rather repeats them as necessary until all of the intricacies of each form are learned. Students are encouraged to turn the mind 'off' and to 'listen' as each movement is carried out, returning awareness to the present. I know the classes are working for me because of how I feel after each class; centered, clear and calm.

Classes are an hour long, and offered on a couple evenings during the week. The studio he teaches at is in Berkeley near San Pablo and Dwight. The class sizes are small, which is great because it gives everyone a chance to have the individual attention necessary for improving their form. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an 'internal' art form, which has been proven to provide health benefits both physically and mentally.

Susan M.
Oakland, CA

If you want the best tai chi experience in the East Bay, study with Andreas. He is exceptional. His deep knowledge of and appreciation for the art are clearly communicated to his students. He teaches the forms rigorously but in a very gentle and supportive way. He pays attention to each student and provides the constructive feedback each needs to be able to execute the forms well.

Tai chi taught by Andreas is indeed meditation in motion.

Steve A.
El Cerrito, CA

This is great environment to learn Tai Chi. Andreas takes a very methodical, and from what I can tell, traditional approach to teaching. After 2 years, I have moved through the 24, 8, 16, Fan Form and now am halfway thru the 108 form. If you had asked me when I started did I think I would make so much progress this quickly I would have said no.

I highly recommend Andreas at Tai Chi Chuan Berkeley if you want to get started on a long, but pleasant journey.

Casey L.
Oakland, CA

I've been studying Tai Chi under Andreas for about 5 years and would recommend his class to anyone. Both new and experienced students would benefit from his class.

Andreas is very patient and knowledgeable, not only of a wide range of forms, but also in teaching techniques. As most practitioners will know, Tai Chi is as much about state of mind as it is about moving through a form. Andreas understands this well and always seems to have some new metaphor to help students visualize the essence of Tai Chi (flow of chi, roundness, etc.). Everything about this class, from the classroom to the web site, are designed with great consciousness and attention to detail.

Michael M.
Berkeley, CA

I love this class. Andreas is a talented teacher. I've been taking his classes for about 6 months now and I've enjoyed every day of it. I walk away from each class feeling like I've learned something new, and I always feel that I have more to learn. He is friendly, approachable and sensitive to the individual needs of each student. 5 stars.