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Private Tai Chi lessons with Andreas

For Beginners 1-on-1 private lessons can be a great head start. Experienced students benefit by deepening their knowledge, understanding and physical skill level through private Tai Chi training sessions while for others it is a great way to catch up after a few missed group classes.

You might also simply prefer to take private lessons due to your study or work schedule. In any case, private lessons are a wonderful opportunity to learn an entire Tai Chi form or multiple forms or just form sequences that need brushing up at your own pace and with the instructor's full personal attention.

Tai Chi hand detail

Tai Chi Impressions: Attention to details like hand shape and placement add correctness of technique as well as beauty to Tai Chi forms.

Private Tai Chi lessons can be arranged for any form in our curriculum.
Morning and afternoon 60-minute private session time slots ($120) are available throughout the week. Private session slots can also be shared (max. of 2 students) upon request.

30-minute private session slots ($60) to review specific form sequences, going through questions to details and/ or reviewing & refreshing new material are also available upon request for current and new students.

Gift certificates for private lessons are available for purchase. Please inquire here.

Class Level: All Levels
Class Times: Upon request

Tuition: $120/1 hr. or $60/30 min.

Payment Options: personal check, cash, Zelle (online payment)
Private lessons can also be shared (maximum of 2 students)

*For payment policy & details please see bottom of page.


  • On-going, any form in our curriculum. Various time slots available.

| call Andreas at 415.422.9933

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Private Tai Chi Lesson Inquiry

* If the current open days/times don't work for you, please feel free to inquire about other days/times in the 'Notes' field at the bottom of this form.