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Students with prior Tai Chi experience

Openings for students with prior Tai Chi experience exist year-round at any level. Re-discover your passion and love for this beautiful and powerful centuries-old martial art, transition from an external martial art to an internal system or add Tai Chi to your general martial arts regimen to become a more rounded and balanced martial artist..

Have you studied Tai Chi at some point in your life and miss the myriad of benefits Tai Chi has to offer in regards to balancing an equally challenging both body, spirit & mind? Give it another try - oftentimes finding one's real passion means giving it another go and taking a second look at it.

Tai Chi diagram

Tai Chi Impressions: Only when a Tai Chi sequence is learned, well- practiced and internalized into "body memory" then can meditative flow & connection happen.

Many students of other martial arts disciplines oftentimes also discover that external styles can be too demanding for the body as they grow older. Tai Chi as an internal martial art on the other hand, challenges both body & mind equally - but in a more gentle and sustainable way.

Are you currently studying Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, Judo, Taekwondo or Mixed Martial Arts? Our Tai Chi classes can help you integrate a Yin (soft) component to your mainly Yang (hard) practice - making you a more rounded and skilled martial artist.

We also have on-going classes for experienced students that are not listed in our current class offerings - if interested, please inquire below.

Class Level: All Levels
Class Times: Weekdays (various evening time slots)

Class Tuition:
  • Monthly Group Class Tuition: $100 (class once a week, equals 4 or 5 classes a month depending on the month)
  • Trial Class: $10 (your first class)
  • Private Lesson: $120 (1 hour, can be shared (max. 2 students))
  • Payment Options: personal check, cash, Zelle (online payment)
*For payment policy & details please see bottom of page.


  • On-going, some prior experience required. Various form classes in session.

or call Andreas at 415.422.9933


*Payment Policy: Tuition payments ($100/month for online Zoom group classes once a week, $100/hr. for online Zoom private sessions) are accepted via Zelle, an online instant payment service that almost all major banks offer or Venmo. Please inquire with the instructor for payment details. The following cancellation fee applies for private lessons: $35 for cancellations received at least 24 hours prior to scheduled class. For same day cancellations the full private lesson fee ($100) is due.

Tuition is payable in advance 2 days prior to the first day of class in a given month. To keep the program viable we unfortunately cannot offer a per-class or drop-in fee with the exception of our trial class which we offer at $10.

Students already paying the full monthly tuition fee can pay a simple drop-in class fee of $20 per class if they would like to attend additional classes in another form that is appropriate for their level. Please ask the instructor for details/approval.

Please understand that the monthly tuition is a fixed fee as in any other martial arts, fitness or health program and cannot be reduced if classes are missed for any reason from the student's side. Tuition payments are paused if the student's absence exceeds 4 weeks - please notify the instructor in a timely manner if you anticipate any prolonged absence from class.

Students will receive a credit or reduction in the monthly tuition for classes cancelled by the instructor due to vacation, illness or unforeseen events. Classes are closed on federal holidays - the monthly tuition though is not affected by holidays falling on class days and remains payable in full.

If you decide to sign up or join a class after the 1st week of the month your monthly tuition will be prorated based on the remaining number a classes for that specific month.

Please email us with questions in regards to our payment policies.