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30-Minute Qigong, Stretching and Relaxation Exercises

This 30-minute online Zoom session consists of the "Eight Pieces of Brocade"-Qigong Set (Ba Duan Jin), Simple Stretching and Relaxation Exercises as well as "Standing Meditation" (Zhan Zhuang). This class is suitable for all ages and abilities and participation is also suitable in a seated position.

Tai Chi Impressions: Ancient painting on silk depicting Qigong exercises which has been discovered in an excavation of a Han burial site in Hunan Province, China.

What you will learn
At the beginning of this class the 8-Brocade Qigong Set might occupy most of the class time since the movements - while seemingly simple - take a little time to feel 'at home' in. Stretching and Standing Meditation is flowed in as time and class progress allows.
  • "Eight Pieces of Brocade"-Qigong Set (Ba Duan Jin)
    The "Eight Pieces of Brocade" or 8 Jewels is a set of Qigong exercises that originated in China and is one of the most practiced throughout the world. Practicing it diligently will lead to improved health, increased energy, a reduction in stress and anxiety and a re-balancing of body & mind - all of which in turn result in an overall sense of well-being.
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  • Simple Stretching & Relaxation Exercises
    These will be simple, gentle exercises which increase blood circulation, improve range of motion and calm body & mind.
  • Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)
    Standing Meditation or "Zhan Zhuang" means "Standing like a tree" and is used to remove blockages in Qi flow, Qi energy cultivation and Qi re-balancing.

All of the exercises taught can be performed standing or sitting so that this class is also well suited for seniors.

Class Details
  • Class Type: 30-Minute Online Zoom Class

    Class Level: Beginner (All ages)

    Class Schedule: Thursdays, 5:30 - 6:00pm

    Start of Class: Exact start date TBA (dependent on pre-registrations received)

    Registration: Pre-registration is required - please pre-register below*.

    Tuition: $12 per class

    Payment options: Online payments via Zelle ONLY (sorry, no personal checks)

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Why is pre-registration required? The no-obligation pre-registration simply gives us a little bit of an idea of the to be anticipated class size and also allows us to contact you with up-to-date information for this class.