Chen Style 18 Beginner Form (Online Class via Zoom)

This online class started Wednesday 01/13/21, 4:30-5:30pm with an initial trial class. Enrollment is currently still open. If you are interested in joining this class, please see for more info below and if so desired, submit the pre-registration form at the bottom of this page. Online pre-registration is required for this class.

This online class will introduce the Chen Style Tai Chi 18 Beginner Form as well as well as the 8-Brocade Qigong Set (also known as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or 8 Jewels), basic Silk Reeling Exercises (Chan Si Gong) and Warm-up/Stretching Exercises. The Chen 18 Form teaches the basic principles, stances and transitions of Chen Style Tai Chi making it a great stepping stone to the beautiful Chen 24 Fan Form as well as the highly dynamic and powerful Chen 56 Competition Form or the graceful and very traditional Lao Jia Yi Lu. (Old Frame, First Routine)

Chen Style Lao Jia Yi Lu - Chen Zhenglei

Tai Chi Impressions: Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, a 19th generation descendant of the Chen family and creator of the Chen 18 Form performing the Chen Style Lao Jia Yi Lu Tai Chi form.

Chen Style Tai Chi is the founding style of all other styles of Tai Chi and is characterized by a pronounced coiling, spiraling energy (chan si jin), with interspersed faster movements (fa jin). This unique combination of predominantly soft and gentle movements paired with sporadic faster energy releases gives the Chen Style a beautiful movement dynamic and engages the practitioner at a very deep level - physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.

The 8-Brocade Qigong Set is one of the most commonly practiced forms of Qigong around the world. Qigong is a centuries-old Chinese health/exercise regimen that tries to harmonizes body, mind and spirit and cultivates, enhances, and guides vital internal energies to achieve health, vitality, and spiritual awareness.

Silk Reeling (Chan Si Gong) is a series of exercises used to cultivate “Chan Si Jin” or Silk Reeling Energy and is especially emphasized in Chen Style Tai Chi. The coiling action of Silk Reeling - like pulling silk from a cocoon - creates a spiraling internal force which loosens the joints, develops deep relaxation and a feeling of connectedness, and improves efficiency of movement with the whole body moving as one continual spiraling unit driven from the waist.


Class Day/Time:

  • WEDNESDAYS, 4:30 - 5:30pm (online pre-registration required)

There is a $10 fee for your initial trial class (please see more under 'Online Payment). If after the initial trial class you decide to continue attending classes the remainder of January would be pro-rated based on the monthly tuition rate. From February going forward the regular monthly fixed tuition rate of $100 would apply. The group class would be on-going once a week in the same time slot.

Once students are sufficiently familiar with the foundation work, subsequent classes then would continue on to actual individual form sequences leading to learning the complete Chen Style 18 Form. As a guide: learning the complete Chen Style 18 Form takes most groups around 6-8 months. The 8-Brocade Qigong Set will also be performed at the beginning of each class as a 15-minute warm-up set.



Online Group Classes
$100 fixed monthly tuition (4 or 5 classes per month depending on the month, class once a week). Sorry, no single drop-in class fees.

Online Private Sessions (optional)
$100 per hour or $50 for 30 minutes.



Tuition payments can only be made online via instant payment services Zelle (offered by many banks/credit unions) or Venmo. Please note that the $10 class fee for the trial class must be received prior to the day of class.

Online payments are accepted via:

PayPal, credit card processing over the phone or personal checks are NOT accepted. All tuition fees are payable in advance and are non-refundable for any reason except when classes are cancelled from the instructor's side. Once you submit the pre-registration form below you will receive instructions in regards to paying your initial $10 trial class fee. After your online payment has been successfully processed you will receive Zoom login credentials to the email address provided.

Please make sure to add the same name you would be using to sign-in to the Zoom trial class session to the 'Notes' field in either Zelle or Venmo so that on the day of class your name can be matched with payments having been received. Students will be individually admitted to the Zoom session, there will be no general/public admittance or admittance of participants without a valid payment record.

For more on our payment policy please refer to the FAQ section of this site.


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Pre-registration: Chen Style 18 Beginner Form (Online Zoom Group Class)

There is a $10 class fee for your initial trial class. Instructions in regards to payment (online only via Zelle or Venmo) will be sent to you once you have submitted this form. After your online payment has been successfully processed you would receive Zoom login credentials to the email address provided. Please make sure to submit your payment prior to the actual day of class.

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