Beginner to Advanced Tai Chi Classes

Our Beginner to Advanced Tai Chi classes strive to engage each person on a person level and students so beautifully and generously share their passion and enjoyment for their Tai Chi practice with all of their fellow students which makes the learning environment a very welcoming and enjoyable one.

Tai Chi Classes Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville

There is no uniform requirement for Beginner classes. Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and flat/flexible sole shoes (and a smile!) are recommended. Please see our Tai Chi Curriculum for a complete list of class offerings. Questions? Hopefully we answered them on our FAQ page.

The following classes are open for general enrollment:

NEWYang Style Tai Chi Beginner Class
(Yang 24 Short Form, 8-Brocade)
Enrollment: (see class page)
Pre-registration is required
Chen Style 18 Beginner Class
(Chen 18 Form, 8-Brocade Qigong Set/Silk Reeling)
Enrollment: (see class page)
Pre-registration is required NEWYang Style 40 Class (Beginner II)
(Yang 40 Form, 8-Brocade Qigong Set)
Enrollment scheduled for: ~ July, exact date/time TBA
Weekday, evenings
Pre-registration is required
Students with prior Tai Chi experience
(Enrollment: On-going, various forms in session)
Re-discover your passion and love for this
beautiful and powerful centuries-old martial art.
Private Lessons
(Enrollment: On-going, any form in our curriculum)
Learn an entire Tai Chi form or multiple forms at your
own pace and with the instructor’s full personal attention.

NEWYang Tai Chi Class for Seniors
(Yang 24 Short Form, 8-Brocade)
Late Fall 2016
Friday mornings (TBA)

Pre-registration is required
Pre-registration is required

We also might have on-going classes for students with prior Tai Chi Experience that are not listed here - please inquire here for a specific form or experience level in our curriculum that you are interested to join. If we have a sizable number of request for any of our forms offered, custom classes can also be set up outside of our regular class schedule.

The studio is closed on these 

Observed Holidays 2016

NEWYang 13 Dao (Broadsword)
Starts MON, ~ August 15th (TBA)
Monday, evenings

Pre-registration is required