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Yang Style Tai Chi Beginner Class for Seniors

This class will be especially tailored to seniors or anyone of mature age who would love to learn this beautiful and gentle art, loves to again challenge him or herself physically and mentally or simply likes to re-connect with any prior experience of learning or experiencing Tai Chi at a younger age.

The learning pace of this class will be more leisurely and besides learning Tai Chi the aim of this class is to offer a sense of shared purpose & community as well as that of joyful accomplishment and learning with a group of peers.


Tai Chi Impressions: Morning Tai Chi at a Temple in Beijing, China.

This class introduces the beautiful Yang Style 24 Short Form with its evenly paced, soft flowing movements as well as the 8-Brocade Qigong Set (also known as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or 8 Jewels).

The studio is located on the 1st floor and is therefore easily accessible.

Class Level: Beginner
Class Times: Weekday mornings*

Class Location:
  • The Berkeley Performing Arts
    2560 Ninth Street, Suite 119
    Berkeley, CA 94710

Class Tuition:
  • Monthly Group Class Tuition: $90 (4 classes/month)
  • Trial Class: $10
  • Private Lesson: $95 (1 hour, can be shared (max. 2 students))
*For payment policy please see below


  • * * Early 2018, exact start date/time TBA (please pre-register below since the actual class start date depends on a minimum number of pre-registrations received.)

*Pre-registration is required…

Pre-registration is required:

 or call Andreas at 415.422.9933

Why is pre-registration required? The no-obligation pre-registration simply gives us a little bit of an idea of the to be anticipated class size and also allows us to contact you with the exact start date/time for this class.


*Payment Policy: Tuition payments are accepted in cash, check or if you prefer you can pay your tuition with your preferred credit card in person or online via PayPal (a PayPal account is not required). Please note that a nominal 3% processing fee ($93 Monthly Group Class / $98 One-Hour Private Session) applies to all credit card payments. The cancellation fee for private lessons is $35.

Tuition is payable in advance the first week of the month.To keep the program viable we unfortunately cannot offer a per-class or drop-in fee with the exception of our trial class which we offer at $10 (50% off our regular class fee basis)

Students already paying the full monthly tuition fee can pay a simple drop-in class fee of $20 per class if they would like to attend additional classes in another form that is appropriate for their level. Please ask the instructor for details/approval.

Please understand that the monthly tuition is a fixed fee as in any other martial arts, fitness or health program and cannot be reduced if classes are missed for any reason from the student's side. Tuition payments are paused if the student's absence is more than 4 weeks - please notify the instructor in a timely manner if you anticipate any prolonged absence from class.

Students will receive a credit or reduction in the monthly tuition for classes cancelled by the instructor due to vacation, illness or unforeseen events. Classes are closed on federal holidays - the monthly tuition though is not affected by holidays falling on class days and remains payable in full.

If you decide to sign up or join a class after the 1st week of the month your monthly tuition will be prorated accordingly.

Please email us with questions in regards to our payment policies.